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Featured Video: “Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Trace Amounts Featured on Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr: “I had all my kids vaccinated and want to see government policies promoting full-coverage vaccines. The only way to do that is to have safe vaccines, and to have a credible regulatory process with regulators with integrity, and we don’t have that today.”

Bill Maher: “Why can’t we have a kind of grand bargain on this? It just seems like we’re calling each other kooks and liars. It seems like common sense that vaccines, even thimerosal, probably don’t hurt most people — if they did, we’d all be dead, because they’re in a lot of vaccines that we all took — but some do. Obviously some minority gets hurt by this stuff. I don’t understand why this is controversial? Why we have this emotional debate about something that – there is science there. It astounds me that liberals, who are always suspicious of corporations… and defending minorities, somehow when it comes to this minority that’s hurt, it’s like, ‘You know what? Shut the f*** up and let me take every vaccine that Merck wants to shove down my throat.”

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Featured Video: “Bill Thompson & The Definitive Study”

DR. PAUL OFFIT: “You had a definitive test, as far as I’m concerned, regarding thimerosal safety. I mean, that study that Bill Thompson performed at the CDC in 2007, that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, was a wonderful study.”

Eric Gladen: The lead author of this study is a Senior CDC Scientist who, for over a decade now, has played a major role in the CDC to disprove a link between vaccines and autism.

DR. WILLIAM THOMPSON: “They’re not doing what they should be doing because they’re afraid to look for things that might be associated.”

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