Trace Amounts Film Covered by Portland Tribune

The Portland Tribune covered the release of Trace Amounts on Thursday, February 12. Here is an excerpt of the news story:

Portland debut planned for vaccine documentary

A new documentary film touching on the national vaccine controversy will debut in Portland at a Thursday night screening.

The film is called “Trace Amounts,” directed by Los Angeles-based filmmaker Eric Gladen, who studied engineering at Oregon State University.

The film follows Gladen’s personal experience with mercury poisoning, which he believes resulted from a mercury-loaded tetanus shot. It includes the research he conducted on the film calls a global health crisis that links thimerosal, a mercury-based vaccine preservative, to the autism epidemic.

It makes a call for the removal of thimerosal from all vaccines, including flu shots in the U.S. and abroad.

A portion of the film’s proceeds will support a newly formed non-profit organization, Go Mercury Free, which promotes the removal of mercury from a variety of products and environmental factors.

The film specifically addresses mercury in flu vaccines, and doesn’t bill itself as an “anti-vaccination” film, just one about making informed choices. The show starts at 7 p.m. at the Fox Tower Cinema, 846 S.W. Park Ave., and will be followed by a Q&A panel of experts, including the filmmakers and Dr. John Green of Oregon City.

Portland is the second stop on the film’s nationwide tour; it’ll wrap up on the East Coast in April during Autism Awareness Month.

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