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Karen Hansen, writing for, presented one of the best articles so far on Trace Amounts and its filmmakers. Here is an excerpt:
Robert Kennedy Jr. was here in Sacramento last Tuesday evening April 7th, 2015 to address a sold out screening of “Trace Amounts” and a signing of his most recent book “Let the Science Speak” at the Crest Theatre sponsored by the California Grange. The event took place on the eve of the introduction of SB 277, State Senator Pan’s controversial vaccination bill that would eliminate the exemption from immunization based upon personal beliefs. Laura Hayes, co-founder of the UC Davis Mind Institute in Sacramento, spoke out against the bill as an active member on behalf of Families for Early Autism Treatment the next day referring to the intent of the bill here as playing medical Russian roulette.

snapPan’s SB 277 just passed the house committee yesterday, April 10, 2015. Pan rebuked Kennedy over Twitter and Facebook accounts: “It’s sad to see Robert F. Kennedy Jr. attach his great name to dangerous nonsense.” Yet both Kennedy and Eric Gladen make it clear neither are anti-vaccine. Kennedy has said that, “Although I am fiercely pro-vaccine, and had all six of my children vaccinated, I oppose current efforts to remove or restrict existing exemptions. We can’t solve a credibility problem by forcing immunizations without informed consent.” Gladen’s documentary reiterates the same upon opening, “It is important to emphasize the focus of the film is not on vaccines… is focused on the mercury-based antiseptic preservative thimerosal which plays no role in making vaccines effective….and contrary to popular belief it remains in vaccines given to children and pregnant women.”

Read the entire article here.

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