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Take Action to Remove Mercury From All Vaccines

Take Action to Remove Mercury From All Vaccines

The U.S. President must act swiftly to remove 100% of the mercury preservative thimerosal from all vaccines. Over the last two decades the frequency of autism occurring in children has skyrocketed from 1 in 10,000 to as high as 1 in 50.  There is undeniable and increasing evidence that there is a link between the mercury based preservative, thimerosal, in vaccines and autism.  Every year the number of children with autism grows.

The United States President is the only one that can write an executive order stating that 100% of mercury be removed from all vaccines immediately. Add your name to tell the U.S. President to expedite the removal of the mercury preservative, thimerosal, from all vaccines.

Another Petition is one that seeks to Prohibit Any Laws Mandating the Force and Requirement of Vaccinations of Any Kind:


No human being should be FORCED to be vaccinated against their will and/or personal/religious beliefs. I petition against making vaccinations of any kind mandatory. This includes forcing children to be vaccinated to attend public schools, activities, and daycare centers. This also includes adults working in the public or private sector.