Trace Amounts and RFK Jr. Covered in The Washington Times

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Trace Amounts Director Eric Gladen recently scored a high-profile victory against mandated vaccine coverage.

Excerpt from The Washington Times article, “RFK Jr. leads charge against state bills limiting vaccine exemptions”

From The Washington Post

From The Washington Times

“Longtime vaccination critic Robert F. Kennedy Jr. notched a victory last week with the defeat of a bill in Oregon, one of his first stops on a national barnstorming tour of states considering measures to make it tougher to opt out of childhood immunizations.

Mr. Kennedy met with lawmakers and hosted a screening of the film “Trace Amounts,” which ties a mercury-based preservative in some childhood vaccines to autism. He urged lawmakers to kill Senate Bill 442, which would have eliminated the nonmedical exemption in Oregon, the nation’s leading state for religious and philosophical exemptions at the kindergarten level, with 7.1 percent of parents opting out of child vaccinations.”