The Thinking Moms’ Revolution Writes About Trace Amounts

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The Thinking Mom’s Revolution, one of the organizations supporting our film, recently wrote a great article about Trace Amounts for their members. If you’d like to read the entire article, please click the green button above. An excerpt is below:

…As families in multiple states face proposed legislation to restrict vaccine exemptions, expand the compulsory public-school vaccination schedule, and mandate vaccines for certain adults, Trace Amounts can become the ideal way to introduce skeptics, lawmakers, and fence-sitters to our reality. It feeds newcomers shocking truths without being overwhelming, militant, or pushy. Trace Amounts raises a frightening amount of uncertainty about institutions that most people hold in high regard, as have previous documentaries, but it manages to soften the blow of this impact by mostly focusing on one vaccine component, thereby allowing the controversy over mercury to act as a microcosm of the greater issues at hand. It also leaves viewers with more questions than answers, which is actually for the best because, theoretically, people will then be motivated to do their own extensive research and understand that there are no easy answers to be found. There is no right or wrong to be found in Trace Amounts — only a call to study this further for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

Recently, this film has been successfully used as a catalyst for questioning the bills that have been introduced this year. Because it gently and thoughtfully opens up a conversation that is typically surrounded by discomfort and hateful judgment, Trace Amounts has the potential to effect change nationwide.