The Mercury Tipping Point: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. — Epoch Times

epoch-timesAs Seen In…The Epoch Times:

“The mercury tipping point came to Robert F. Kennedy more than a decade ago. A champion of the environment, he was on a national speaking tour telling people about the dangers of coal power plants spewing tons of mercury into the air that, in essence, were poisoning humans and wildlife.

In each city he visited, parents of autistic children told him that too much mercury—in the form of the vaccine preservative thimerosal—was being used in the manufacturing of immunization shots. The more he heard about the problem, the more he started to look into the matter as a public health issue.

What he found disturbed him.

Kennedy learned he would also be practically alone on the radioactive issue from a political vista. That’s because the pharmaceutical industry had bought off U.S. politicians long ago via lobbying and mainstream media with its advertising juggernaut in the 1990s….”