Robert Kennedy, Jr. Talks To Illinois Senate On Vaccines

On tour with the Trace Amounts filmmakers, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. made a special appearance in front of the Illinois State Senate. ABC Channel 20 (WICS) covered the story:

Watch the Video on ABC Channel 20

The story is reprinted below:


Robert Kennedy, Jr. Talks To Senate On Vaccines

The vaccine debate attracting a high profile speaker at the statehouse Wednesday.Robert Kennedy Jr. testified in front of a Senate executive committee. While stressing he’s not anti-vaccine, he did say there needs to be more transparency in the Centers for Disease Control, the federal agency that oversees vaccinations.

He says more people would be willing to get vaccines if they trusted the organization responsible for making sure they’re safe.”The CDC is a cesspool of corruption. There’s been four now, separate, federal investigations that have been scathing in their criticism of the financial ties of the vaccine industry in the CDC,” Kennedy said.Kennedy called on lawmakers not to tighten vaccine requirements unless more is done to make sure the CDC is operating without influence from profitable medical companies.Right now, there is a bill filed at the statehouse that would put more restrictions on using the religious exemption for vaccinations.

Watch the Entire Illinois State Senate Hearing

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