RFK Jr. Urges Texans Not to Surrender Their Medical Freedoms

RFK-1-1024x768March 23, 2015 — Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., is calling for Texans to fight back against proposed legislation which would enforce mandatory vaccinations on all children and public school employees in the state, eliminating informed consent and personal choice on this private health matter. As proposed, the bills would place state government and health officials, not individuals, in a position of final authority on what vaccinations are given and when. In addition, these bills would restrict or eliminate religious exemptions to immunizations.

“Although I am fiercely pro-vaccine, and had all six of my children vaccinated, I oppose current efforts to remove or restrict existing exemptions,” Kennedy says. “We can’t solve a credibility problem by forcing immunizations without informed consent.”


Kennedy, a noted environmental expert, lawyer and published author, thinks this power grab by the Texas legislature to force vaccinations comes at an inopportune time. He points to concerns about dishonest practices by the CDC, saying that “we need to end the scandalous corruption, sever the grotesque financial conflicts of interest and entanglements with the vaccine industry and restore integrity, safety, transparency and credibility to the vaccine program” before government can begin to prioritize higher immunization coverage.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate to force people to undergo, or to have their children undergo, a medical procedure in this country,” Kennedy said. “I think it’s against the tenets of our country.” In the wake of a highly publicized measles outbreak, legislators have seized upon an opportunity to orchestrate efforts to get rid of or limit exemptions to vaccines wherever possible. This in spite of the fact that the Centers for Disease Control reports that only a small minority of those diagnosed with measles are persons who are intentionally unvaccinated. Texas introduced “reasons of conscience” exemptions – which include philosophical and religious objections – in 2003 and, since then, vaccination rates have risen to over 97% coverage.

On Wednesday March 25 at 7 p.m., Kennedy is presenting a private screening of “Trace Amounts” at the Stateside Theatre in Austin. He is personally inviting key legislators to attend so that they can be fully educated about vaccine safety research issues. The filmmakers, Eric Gladen and Shiloh Levine, will be on hand at the screening for an informative Q&A session.