Ethyl vs. Methyl Mercury – the science behind the debate

Thimerosal in vaccines is an injection of ethyl mercury. A 2012 Italian study concluded that thimerosal in vaccines was 50 times more toxic to cells than methyl mercury in fish.

“When you eat a methyl mercury-containing fish, your body doesn’t absorb all of it… when you inject an ethyl mercury-containing vaccine, there is 100% absorption.” –Andrew Cutler, PhD.

Tom Burbacher, Ph.D, performed an experiment on monkeys to compare injecting thimerosal to eating methyl mercury. He found that thimerosal, an ethyl injection, reaches the brain faster than methyl mercury. He also concluded that ethyl mercury converted into inorganic mercury much faster than methyl mercury.

In the end, the thimerosal exposed monkeys had twice the amount of inorganic mercury locked in their brain.