Dr. Frank B. Engley


Dr. Frank B. Engley died two months after his interview with Eric Gladen and David Ayoub, MD. Portions of his final interview appear in the film.

“The CDC cannot afford to admit thimerosal is toxic because they have been promoting it for several years. Today they are in the process of getting vaccines all over the world to immunize 100 million children with vaccines, many of which contain thimerosal.”*
~ Dr. Frank B. Engley

“In May 2008, Dr. Frank Engley gave the only known taped interview about his research of mercury’s use in vaccines at the Autism One conference. The 88 year-old dedicated his life to the field of microbiology, having served as a trusted consultant to several government agencies, including the FDA, CDC, CIA, NASA, Armed Forces Epidemiological Board (AFEB) and an ad hoc consultant to numerous biomedical companies. He also served on the National Council of the NIH National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. His research first led him to discover that thimerosal was toxic down to “parts per billion” in 1948, and decades later he would tell parents of thimerosal-injured children: “They say nobody has ever researched thimerosal; I’m nobody.” Dr. Frank Engley knew more than 65 years ago that thimerosal was highly toxic and should never be injected into the human body and certainly not into newborns on their first day of life.

Apparently the medical profession does not read the safety data sheets provided by Lilly and other chemical manufacturers made available to physicians, pharmacies, hospitals and health departments. It states for thimerosal: toxic, mutagen, allergen, hypersensitivity, alters genetic materials, may cause mild to severe mental retardation, may cause mild to severe motor coordination, all sounds a lot like autism.

Dr. Frank Engley referred to his 2008 presentation on his research of mercurials as his “Swan Song,” and indeed it was. He died two months after his interview with Eric Gladen and David Ayoub, MD. However, he left this world with a lifetime of honorable achievements and his research would live on to change many lives for the better.” **


* from “Age of Autism”

** from “A Shot of Truth”

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