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Scientific Papers Showing Linking Thimerosal Exposure to Autism

May 30, 2015 Brian S. Hooker, Ph.D., P.E. Rose et al. 2015 J Toxicol “Increased Susceptibility to Ethylmercury-Induced Mitochondrial Dysfunction in a Subset of Autism Lymphoblastoid Cell Lines” PMID 25688267. In a comparison of lymphoblast cells from children with autism…

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Take Another Look : An Interview with ‘Trace Amounts’ co-director Shiloh Levine

Shiloh Levine, is one of the filmmakers behind the important documentary Trace Amounts. Trace Amounts tells the true story of Eric Gladen (the film’s director) who became ill after getting a tetanus shot that he believes contained the controversial additive…

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Anna Almendrala attacks Jim Carrey for demanding the removal of the mercury based preservative, Thimerosal from vaccines

Anna Almendrala attacks Jim Carrey for demanding the removal of the mercury based preservative, Thimerosal from vaccines. Ms Almendrala quotes Dr. Paul Offit, who she identifies as Director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)….

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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Trace Amounts Featured on Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO

Bill Maher welcomes Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to discuss the controversial use of the mercury-containing preservative Thimerosal in certain flu vaccines. Connect with Real Time Online: Find Real Time on Facebook: Find Real Time on Twitter: Find Real…

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The Mercury Tipping Point: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. — Epoch Times

As Seen In…The Epoch Times: “The mercury tipping point came to Robert F. Kennedy more than a decade ago. A champion of the environment, he was on a national speaking tour telling people about the dangers of coal power plants…

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Trace Amounts Goes to Washington, D.C.

By Cathy Jameson My husband and I haven’t had a chance to get out together in a few months. Juggling five kids and Ronan’s medical issues prevents that. But when we heard that Eric Gladen’s Trace Amounts was coming to the…

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Trace Amounts Covered in “The Bridge”

A group of Burlington-area mothers has announced a screening of the documentary film, “Trace Amounts,” as part of the month-long observance of National Autism Awareness Month. Month-long Autism awareness activities are part of a project of the Autism Society, a national…

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Trace Amounts Featured in

Karen Hansen, writing for, presented one of the best articles so far on Trace Amounts and its filmmakers. Here is an excerpt: Robert Kennedy Jr. was here in Sacramento last Tuesday evening April 7th, 2015 to address a sold out…

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Dr. Gerry Curatola, Clinical Associate Professor, NYU

“Trace Amounts is a must see for any healthcare practitioner, parent, teacher, or legislator that is supporting the call for vaccine and drug safety. The history of the politics of misinformation, behind the unconscionable use of mercury-containing Thimerosal, a vaccine…

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The Thinking Moms’ Revolution Writes About Trace Amounts

The Thinking Mom’s Revolution, one of the organizations supporting our film, recently wrote a great article about Trace Amounts for their members. If you’d like to read the entire article, please click the green button above. An excerpt is below: …As…

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“Ten Lies” Told About Mercury in Vaccines

The Rev. Lisa K. Sykes from the United Methodist Women wrote a compelling blog post about the “Ten Lies Commonly Told about Mercury in Vaccines” for those who aren’t sure of the facts. We are pleased she has given us permission to reprint it…

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Trace Amounts Encourages You to Sign a Petition

Take Action to Remove Mercury From All Vaccines The U.S. President must act swiftly to remove 100% of the mercury preservative thimerosal from all vaccines. Over the last two decades the frequency of autism occurring in children has skyrocketed from 1…

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FOX TV Covers Premiere of “Trace Amounts” at the TCL Chinese Theater

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Trace Amounts is NOT an “anti-vaccine” documentary.) Los Angeles News | FOX 11 LA KTTV ‘Trace Amounts’: The Debate Over Vaccination By: Hal Eisner, Reporter There are two sides to every story, but in this case each side believes there…

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Ethyl vs. Methyl Mercury – the science behind the debate

Thimerosal in vaccines is an injection of ethyl mercury. A 2012 Italian study concluded that thimerosal in vaccines was 50 times more toxic to cells than methyl mercury in fish. “When you eat a methyl mercury-containing fish, your body doesn’t…

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Trace Amounts Call to Action

If you choose to get a vaccine, you can request one without thimerosal. You can choose an LED instead of a fluorescent lightbulb. You can choose a filling for your cavity that does not contain mercury. You can push your local power…

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Dr. Stephanie Cave

“You can line them up line for line, word for word, and mercury poisoning looks exactly like autism.” ~ Dr. Stephanie Cave  “Autism and Mercury:” Testimony Presented by Stephanie Cave, M.D. Before the Committee on Government Reform, U.S. House of Representatives, July 18, 2000…

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