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Scientific Papers Showing Linking Thimerosal Exposure to Autism

May 30, 2015 Brian S. Hooker, Ph.D., P.E. Rose et al. 2015 J Toxicol “Increased Susceptibility to Ethylmercury-Induced Mitochondrial Dysfunction in a Subset of Autism Lymphoblastoid Cell Lines” PMID 25688267. In a comparison of lymphoblast cells from children with autism…

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Anna Almendrala attacks Jim Carrey for demanding the removal of the mercury based preservative, Thimerosal from vaccines

Anna Almendrala attacks Jim Carrey for demanding the removal of the mercury based preservative, Thimerosal from vaccines. Ms Almendrala quotes Dr. Paul Offit, who she identifies as Director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)….

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Summary of Supportive Science Regarding Thimerosal & Vaccines

From SafeMinds – November 2010: As part of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Modernization Act, an assessment of thimerosal use in vaccines was conducted from 1997 to 1999. The FDA investigation was unable to locate any clinical studies formally evaluating…

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Why the Autism-Vaccine Debate Won’t Go Away

Author David Kirby wrote a compelling article a few years ago that still rings true. In it, he asks the open-ended question: “Why do so many educated, successful parents still believe that the current vaccine schedule can hurt a small percentage of…

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The Definitive Study – Bill Thompson, CDC Senior Scientist

DR. PAUL OFFIT: “You had a definitive test, as far as I’m concerned, regarding thimerosal safety. I mean, that study that Bill Thompson performed at the CDC in 2007, that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, was a…

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Denmark – Trace Amounts

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Thimerosal in Developing Countries


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Ethyl vs. Methyl Mercury – the science behind the debate

Thimerosal in vaccines is an injection of ethyl mercury. A 2012 Italian study concluded that thimerosal in vaccines was 50 times more toxic to cells than methyl mercury in fish. “When you eat a methyl mercury-containing fish, your body doesn’t…

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Vaccine Safety Guideline for Children

  Between 1989-1992, the amount of mercury children were getting in their vaccines had over doubled. “The quantity of mercury — ethylmercury — that’s contained in vaccines, is actually not that much.” ~Paul Offit, MD Eric Gladen: For this new schedule,…

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Cigarettes and Cancer – Vaccines and Autism

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Aluminum & Mercury

  “Now most people have no idea that there’s aluminum in the vaccine. Many investigators, particularly Dr. Boyd Haley, have shown that aluminum and mercury are synergistic in their action, and extremely toxic — much more than one plus one, which is something that many…

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Chinese Mice Study of Neonatal Thimerosal Effects (April 2014)

Chinese Institute of Zoology scientists expose neonatal lab mice to Thimerosal and publish their findings. Abstract Thimerosal is a vaccine antimicrobial preservative which has long been suspected an iatrogenic factor possibly contributing to neurodevelopmental disorders including autism. The association between infant vaccine thimerosal…

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Flu Shots and Pregnant Women

Flu shots have never been clinically tested on pregnant women. One manufacturer’s own product insert that comes with the flu shot clearly states: “Animal reproduction studies have not been conducted with Fluzone. It is also not known whether Fluzone can cause…

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These Are The Facts

Explore a brief history of the use of thimerosal, the mercury-based preservative, in vaccines and learn shocking details of its journey through the vaccine program.

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Mad Hatter Disease – Bonus Scene from Trace Amounts

Did you ever wonder why the Mad Hatter in Lewis Carroll’s classic tale of Alice and Wonderland is mad? This bonus scene from the film Trace Amounts explores the historical connection between the toxic ingredient mercury and 19th century hats…

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Industrialist Eli Lilly was the President of the Corporation that bears his name from 1932 to 1948.

The Only Safety Study Done on Thimerosal

Thimerosal was patented by Eli Lilly scientists in 1927. Eli Lilly, a corporation based in Indianapolis, Indiana, took the opportunity to perform an experiment on humans during a local epidemic. 144 people in Indianapolis had come down with bacterial meningitis…

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