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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. jumps in to California vaccine debate – Sacramento Bee

The Sacramento Bee covered Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and his support of Trace Amounts. Read the complete article at The Sacramento Bee!

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Cathy Isaacs’ Story

“I was six and a half months pregnant, with twins — a boy and a girl. I went in for a routine exam, and at the end of the exam, as I was about to leave, my doctor said, “You know,…

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Cigarettes and Cancer – Vaccines and Autism

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Aluminum & Mercury

  “Now most people have no idea that there’s aluminum in the vaccine. Many investigators, particularly Dr. Boyd Haley, have shown that aluminum and mercury are synergistic in their action, and extremely toxic — much more than one plus one, which is something that many…

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Trace Amounts Call to Action

If you choose to get a vaccine, you can request one without thimerosal. You can choose an LED instead of a fluorescent lightbulb. You can choose a filling for your cavity that does not contain mercury. You can push your local power…

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The Amish Anomaly


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Chinese Mice Study of Neonatal Thimerosal Effects (April 2014)

Chinese Institute of Zoology scientists expose neonatal lab mice to Thimerosal and publish their findings. Abstract Thimerosal is a vaccine antimicrobial preservative which has long been suspected an iatrogenic factor possibly contributing to neurodevelopmental disorders including autism. The association between infant vaccine thimerosal…

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Mad Hatter Disease – Bonus Scene from Trace Amounts

Did you ever wonder why the Mad Hatter in Lewis Carroll’s classic tale of Alice and Wonderland is mad? This bonus scene from the film Trace Amounts explores the historical connection between the toxic ingredient mercury and 19th century hats…

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