Anna Almendrala attacks Jim Carrey for demanding the removal of the mercury based preservative, Thimerosal from vaccines

Anna Almendrala attacks Jim Carrey for demanding the removal of the mercury based preservative, Thimerosal from vaccines. Ms Almendrala quotes Dr. Paul Offit, who she identifies as Director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). Offit wrongly claims that the flu vaccine contains only “trace amounts” of mercury and takes the extreme position that mercury should never have been removed from children’s vaccines. He argues that Thimerosal is perfectly safe since the ethyl mercury in Thimerosal is less persistent in the body and therefore less toxic than the heavily regulated methylmercury in fish. Offit’s defense of this deadly JCneurotoxin is well-worn but thoroughly debunked industry canard. The best science shows that the ethyl mercury in Thimerosal is 50 times more toxic than the methylmercury in fish (Guzzi et al.2012) and twice as persistent in the brain (Burbacher et al.2005). Dr. Offit argues that since Mr. Carrey is no scientist, his views are irrelevant. But Offit’s opinions might also be questioned. The vaccine industry’s most visible spokesperson, Offit’s chair at CHOP was funded by a $1.5million grant from Merck, the nation’s leading vaccine maker. In 1999 Offit sat on the CDC advisory committee that added the rotavirus vaccine to the pediatric schedule. At the time, Offit and his business partners at CHOP were in the process of patenting their own rotavirus vaccine which he was then able to sell for $182 million. Offit, who personally earned an estimated $15-$40 million on the transaction, told Newsweek that it was like “winning the lottery”. Offit’s shady deal prompted a scathing 2008 report by the HHS Inspector General demanding stronger conflict of interest rules at CDC. Huffington Post quotes Offit repeating a favorite refrain that “several high quality studies” prove Thimerosal does not cause autism. When pressed on this claim, Offit has only been able to name a single epidemiological study, Thompson 2007. That study, however, never investigated Thimerosal’s link to autism. The study did find that Thimerosal in vaccines causes tics – a family of grave neurological injuries including Tourette’s syndrome – in children. The author of that study, CDCs 17 year veteran scientist, Dr. William Thompson, invoked federal whistleblower status in August and issued a statement through his attorneys claiming that his bosses at CDC have, for a decade, forced him and to bury the link between autism and vaccines. Thompson has asked to testify before Congress and has handed federal lawmakers over 10,000 documents detailing CDC’s deceptions. It’s a disappointment that Huffington Post, which began its life as a remedy to corporate controlled media is now pushing the Pharma agenda by closing its pages to safe vaccine activists and giving the bullhorn to the industry insiders like Paul Offit.

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